They Will Do Anything: Identity Theft and Internet Fraud

Information is the new medium of exchange, enabling every type of human activity. This applies to all of society, personal relationships, health care, business competition, politics, and government. Data, acquired from multiple sources, when merged with other data, become comprehensive and valuable information, stored in one or more databases. Criminals, using advanced technologies, commit age-old illegal activities, like blackmail, or on-line fraud, using our information.

"Technological ingenuity is allowing experts to create
amusement parks for hackers. This will not end well."

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Chief Operations Officer
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Identity theft and Internet fraud are two of the most significant problems faced by individuals and society. The "Internet of Things," drives the danger of becoming a victim to exponential speeds. We must ask the right questions. Who are they? What do they want? How do they get our information? How do they use it? What can we do to prevent them from getting it? As individuals, we must take actions to protect our digital identities and digital clones, both on-line and hard copy, or risk victimization.

Databases have equal application to legally and illegally acquired data. These data are gathered, consolidated, bought, and sold. They build personal profiles, and these profiles, lawful or not, have application in the real world. The difference is that commercial applications influence consumer behavior by legal means, whereas governments use it for national security and social control. Criminals target our valuables using every conceivable method ranging from low-tech to sophisticated high-technology applications. The greatest price is often the damage to our sense of well being, not the loss of "things."

If fraudsters have enough information to compromise you individually, socially, economically, or politically, and chose to exploit that information, you will do what they want or suffer the consequences.

Book review on by Abern on May 13, 2016

"Learned some great tips for keeping my data and identity secure in this age of cybercrime. Brought up scams I'd never heard of and ways that criminals operate that I wasn't even aware were happening. Very useful!!"

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