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The Little Boy Asks Why-The Search for Answers is my latest and last political book. The book is rich with photography, and I converted parts of it into a presentation to share with all of you, my valued visitors. Click Here for the Presentation

Business does not operate in a vacuum. Governmental systems and regulatory control play a significant role in job formation, international trade agreements, and taxation. Regulations either enable or discourage entrepreneurial start-ups. I took the time to research and write this book because the policies and actions of the government, at all levels, profoundly affect our nation's ability to compete, grow businesses, and generate jobs.

In my recent book Decision-making in a Disruptive Reordering, one point is that people either participate in a decision and take action, or live with the decisions of others. I chose to speak out, limiting neither subject nor content, and embraced civility but not political correctness. While understanding that others may disagree, I would welcome people and government engaged in a civil dialog about the issues restricting the ability of American industry to compete in the global arena.

Once upon a time, the motto was "the business of America is business." We need to rediscover that truth.

America needs to grow, create jobs, innovate, and lead the way into the Fourth Industrial revolution. We need to create an education system that embraces, not excludes, the diversity of America, and reaches every demographic. We need to create the jobs required to employ this educated work force. We need to rediscover how to do big science and solve the enormous problems facing the world. This includes, but is not limited to, environmental friendly production, abundant food, and the technology to clean up the oceans and make massive supplies of fresh water. We need to find and develop new energy systems.

Our mission at Competitive America is to advocate for production systems that enable American businesses to compete successfully in the global economy. At the same time, environmental stewardship is a prerequisite. To achieve this mission, our core focus is on business systems and programs, such as Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), quality, process improvement, and strategy. For me, these are all issues of resource optimization and stewardship. Those of you visiting the photo/essays on this website know that as a photographer and conservationist, I personally practice repurposing/restoring products and materials.

With The Little Boy Asked Why-A search for Answers in publication, work will resume on the queued business books and numerous photo/essays. The first will be the Decision-making and Problem Solving presentation recently given to a class at the University of Wisconsin-Marathon Campus. This will be followed by a presentation for a business group at Northcentral Technical College on Internet Security, adding to those already available on this site.

Stay tuned.

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